Cloud computing something new.

What is cloud computing? Everything you need to run your organization, at your fingertips anywhere there is an Internet connection. In the office, on the road and at home.

Power, storage and connectivity (Blackberry, iPhone, iPad) without having to make any investment at all.
Most companies need similar things to operate their business: a Server to store files. Email, for communication perhaps an applications server and several workstations. Most of this will need to maintained by someone, who probably won’t be able to get your office when you need it most.
You should be able to get on with your business without worrying about updates, down times, air conditioning, upgrades, disk space, backups (do they work?), spam, viruses and having to put the capital aside to run it and replace it all when it wears out.
For a fixed monthly fee, we will take care of all of the things you should never have to worry about.
We are able to provide the facilities to run customized applications, such as accounting packages, CRM or process and production control tools such as SAP, NAVISION, PLATON, or BADGE control or Building access control systems. In fact just about anything you would install on a server.
We provide access on demand to anyone you choose that has the responsibility of maintaining your customized application.
We also provide empty servers for anyone that wants to install their own system, or wants to build some sort of backup/backend solution for their own organization.
Finally, should you want to install your own hardware, we can provide you with rack space at very competitive rates in our data center.