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IT Solutions
for Your Industry

Care facilities

The care sector, whether it be for the handicapped or the aged needs to be certain their data is properly structured, stored and deleted deleted when it is no longer needed. With guidance from our team we can reorganize your data so that it is properly taken care of.


The marketing industry deals with large amounts of data containing pertaining to individuals, as with care services this data needs to be properly structured and stored, its useful life limited to individual project. The data must be stored in a manner that ensures it does not get into the hands of unauthorized persons. 

Application  providers

Point of sales system, data collection from electricity or gas meters, all are very reliant on secure connections, perfect backups and a highly reliable infrastructure. Synctel and its datacenters provide services to cover those needs because they own the infrastructure end to end.

Cloud service providers

There is a choice of server providers. Most however cant be reached and there is no one to talk to. Its a facility in the cloud, we provide the same facilities and provide the service to go with it. Service providers need to know they can talk to someone who takes responsibility for their issues and can think their solution through with them.

Small businesses

Small businesses can buy into one of internet offered services. But who do they call when they have an issue, need a backup or restore or have a question? Synctel has fifteen years of experience and can provide the right solution for small businesses.

IT Solutions
for Your Industry

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