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Why Choose Synctel?

We own our platform

We own our datacenter, our hardware and our software. Unlike others we elected to provide a truly GDPR compliant platform located in the BENELUX

ISO Certification

Our datacenter and services are ISO27001 compliant and certified. Not only are we aware of the need to provide secured services, but have had that verified by going through the certification process.

GDPR Compliant

ISO Certification is only the first step. GDPR compliance is an essential element of todays data storage requirments. GDPR is not only a directive but essential if you want to be sure of our role as your data processor.

Platform Experience

We have experience in providing completely virtualized desktop environments or end users, and in providing virtualized servers for application specific purposes. There are many choices available, but we can help you set up your server for that specific project - all you need to do is put your project together or install your application and you are set to go. 


We provide support on all levels - personal support with the choice of components, full installation services, help with configuration and a full set of backup and disaster facilities. Need help from a third party? We provide a secured environment for additional support to be based from. 

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